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The investigative technique of surveillance may be used for various types of private investigations, ranging from one-shot opportunities to complex assignments. When you need to know, surveillance can answer your most pressing questions. It can be the most valuable piece of the case. Private Investigator

 Surveillance and acquiring video or photo documentation is the most effective way to determine inconsistencies or consistencies in a subject’s behavior. It can be the most important part of the private investigation case.

Worldwide Investigations will provide a complete and thorough report with explanations of video and some still photography evidence with every assignment. With completion of our background search investigations we can start determining character and a profile of the subject before the surveillance begins. Worldwide Investigations will promise  to keep the cost to a minimum and  sometimes all you pay for is our expertise.

WGI is a fully licensed  private investigation firm, and we operate within the law, and with utmost professionalism. To contact us, call 1-501-580-0007

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