September 12, 2017

One thing Cops know. They rarely get promoted and they damn sure never reach the rank of Police Chief.

I have known a lot of real cops in my day and still know some great ones. The problem is there are not many left.

I just watched Channel 16 News tonight. A man’s wife’s car was broken into previously and her purse, credit cards, keys, etc. was stolen. The ladies credit cards were used in Malvern. The man went to the gas station where the credit cards was used and found his wife’s purse in the trash can. This was a smart guy! He even had a tracker on the car. The thieves stole the vehicle and he tracked it. He called ASP who didn’t get it and the vehicle ended up in Conway. The police in Conway didn’t get it, so the vehicle went to Little Rock. During the time he was following the tracker he was told by the police to not follow the vehicle, “It was unsafe”.

His vehicle then traveled to Little Rock where he called the LRPD. THEY TOLD HIM TO GET IN HIS CAR AND DRIVE OFF. Well…he did what he was told. Can you imagine how many other crimes would have been cleared if a real Cop was involved in this case. I don’t think there are any Cops left. I’ve always believed Cops were the real deal. There are Police Officers, Law Enforcement Officers, then there are “Cops”. When you are a victim, when you are in trouble and need help, guess who you want coming? A Cop!

I wrote the below earlier in the year because I kept running into Police Officers or Law Enforcement Officer, but almost no Cops. I have so many cases I’ve worked where Police Officers disappointed me to the point of disbelief. So…I decided to write a monthly fraud report, but I decided not to because I would only make more enemies than I already have. When I run into an idiot Police Officer, I just have to tell them they are. Tom James can tell you the police agencies I have been run off from. If a Police Officer is lazy, worthless or just incompetent, I just have to tell them.

The First of Monthly Fraud Reports

Insurance companies are easy to hate. But all the insurance companies I work for and really all the insurance companies try to do right by their customers. As an investigator for insurance companies, I cannot lie, misrepresent or conduct any pretext tactics, or use any deception during my investigations. My job is simply to determine the facts and find the truth the best of my ability.

I decided to start writing up summaries of some of my previous cases to demonstrate why your insurance rates are so high. Some of the cases are funny, some are simply unbelievable and some will demonstrate how law enforcement ignore these crimes. Some ignore them because they are lazy, some ignore them because they simply don’t care if people steal from insurance companies, and some don’t know how to put a case together. Some of these cases will cause the Officers/Detectives to get out of the office, get court orders, search warrants, subpoenas, and really arrest people and that’s work.
During my career in the Vice and Intelligence Unit, I (we) stumbled across insurance fraud cases. One case led to the arrested of a Supreme Court Justice and two others for arson and conspiracy to commit insurance fraud. One led to the conviction of a total of 54 people and as of today is still the largest prosecuted Arson Ring in US history.

Working at the Arkansas Department of Insurance Criminal Investigation Unit, I obtained search warrants to dig up buried cars, worked medical fraud cases where criminals were making forged medical documents and forged proof of insurance forms. I investigated and arrested people in multiple “Crash Rings”, this is where people drove around looking to intentionally crash into you to collect insurance. One crash ring led to two law enforcement officer being indicted on conspiracy to rob an armored car. I was named International Association of Special Investigation Unit, IASIU Investigator of the year in 2007. That was my downfall with the Law Enforcement Officers in my unit. I think they were afraid they were actually going to have to work. I worked Arsons, and every form of insurance fraud, including sending several people to prison for stealing burial insurance money from the families. One Funeral Home, the guy gave the family concrete in place of ashes for their cremations (he received ten years in prison). You get my point – I loved working these cases, they were hard, but at the same time fun to work, but mostly because of the satisfaction of catching criminals that most law enforcement folks couldn’t, mostly because of the laziness, to complexities or lack of know how. Mostly, they don’t want to deal with these cases because they are just too hard for them!

During my ten years at the AR Department of Insurance Criminal Investigation Division, (which is made up of retired cops from different agencies) I constantly heard from the “Law Enforcement Officer”, “Vickers, you forget, this is a retirement job. You are not supposed to work this hard. It makes it hard on the rest of us”. I was fired from the Arkansas Insurance Department by Commissioner Jay Bradford for just that. Doing my damn job! I had three cases on politically connected people, one of which I was ordered to close to my investigation, but I refused and was fired four days later. I had four felonies on a medical doctor we had convicted of a felony before (under a Republican Administration) and would have had probably 30 felonies if I had been allowed to complete the investigation. After I was fired, I found out this doctor was going through the process of a pardon by Governor Beebe. He was pardoned about three months after I was fired, even though we had active felony cases on him. I filed a FOI law suit against the Arkansas insurance Department because of this case with this doctor, a case on an attorney and former prosecuting attorney, and a case on the husband of the head of a very powerful civil organization. I was not allowed back in my office and now these files are missing, my reports, documents and subpoenas are missing. Also my digitally recorded statements that where stored in the State computer system were deleted.

One of the Law Enforcement Officers is now chief of the Fraud Division.

I was immediately hired by insurance companies and law firms who defend insurance companies.

I was a combat veteran in Vietnam, retired from the LRPD, Special Agent for Union Pacific Railroad. I left the railroad after being shot in the chest in a shootout with burglars breaking into a train. I found out only then and after eight years with the railroad, that if I stayed until I retired, the amount of my police pension would be deducted from my railroad pension, so I left. I immediately got a job at the Arkansas Insurance Department and was there for ten years. That’s 40 years in law enforcing without as much as a reprimand. I am an FBI National Academy graduate and could go on and on about what I have done, but one of the thing I have become to be proud of as time goes on is that I was fired by the Arkansas Insurance Department, Criminal Investigation Division. The agency is simply corrupt.

This is my first Monthly Insurance Fraud Update that I just picked at random:

Stolen Vehicle Bryant AR:

A pickup truck was stolen from an apartment complex. The vehicle was purchased used from one of the big used car dealers. Most of these vehicle have GPS trackers on them because of bad credit or no credit as they advertise. In most cases the auto sales, the Finance Company will not finance them without a tracker. The tracker allows the dealer to see where the vehicle is and send a signal to cut the power so the vehicle will not start again after it is stopped. They then simply go out and repossess the vehicle or collect payment plus late fee. Some of the vehicles are sold and re-sold multiple times.

This recent pickup had a tracker on it and the owner called the Bryant PD. He then called the dealer who sold him the pickup. They tell him the pickup is driving around Little Rock at the time as the Bryant PD Officer arrived to make the report. He told the officer about the tracker and handed his phone to the officer. The officer told the owner and the car dealer that Little Rock was out of her jurisdiction, but she would advise communications, SHE PUT THAT IN HER REPORT AND DID NOTHING ELSE! The owner of the pickup and the car dealer both made calls to the Bryant PD telling them where the vehicle was. The owner didn’t understand, the dealer didn’t understand and I don’t understand why the Bryant PD didn’t contact the Little Rock PD. I didn’t understand why the officer would not drive the 15-20 minute drive to Little Rock while having her communications to contact the LRPD to assist her in arresting the suspect driving the stolen truck. All she did was say it was out of her jurisdiction, write the report and drove away.

Long story short, both the owner and dealer both made additional calls to both the Bryant PD and the Little Rock PD and told them where the truck was parked the following two days. The Bryant PD didn’t go, not even a detective. The LRPD said it was the Bryant PD’s case. The truck drove around Little Rock for three days with the car dealer and owner contacting law enforcement. The owner finally went to Little Rock where the car dealer said his car was and found the vehicle parked and called the LRPD. The LRPD Officer came out, made a recovery report, but did nothing else even though the VIN plate had been changed on the truck. They simply released it to the owner. The owner said “It’s not my truck, I mean, it is my truck, but the VIN has been changed. The LRPD Police Officer told him to take his vehicle.

I became involved about a month later because the story was just hard for the insurance company to comprehend. I interviewed the owner of the pickup who tells me this story and that the windows had new tint on all windows. I interviewed the car dealer in Hot Springs and got a printout of the activity of the GPS tracker showing where the pickup had been during the three days before the owner went to recover the pickup himself. According to the GPS tracker the suspect or suspects went to an address on Asher Avenue

I went to the address and sure enough there was a Detail Shop, Window Tinting Business/Dope House there. I’m just a private investigator and the owner of the business would not give me information on who had tinted the windows on the pickup. When I asked him the person’s name who had the windows tinted on the 2005 Z71 pickup on May 28th, he asked, “What did you have for breakfast on May 28th?” When I said I didn’t remember, he said, “Well I don’t remember what tinted windows I put on that day!” It got ugly because of my sweet disposition, but in the end, all I could do was leave.

I visited with the Bryant PD, my own LRPD thinking I could get someone interested. I was wrong.

The insurance company I work for paid the claim to the pickup owner for the loss he sustained, rental vehicle, etc. and they paid my bill which was substantially more than the claim.

Now back to high insurance cost: I want to thank all of you because this came right out of your pocket from your insurance premiums. My reason for investigating is the insurance company thought something nefarious was going on, because law enforcement wouldn’t go get the vehicle, they hired me to reconcile this mess which added to your insurance premium.

I have more ridiculous stories than this to come. How many of us would have loved the opportunity the Bryant Police Officer had.