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We Specialize In, but not limited to:

Accident Investigations »  Worldwide is experienc- ed in “Crash Investi-gations”, both in law enforcement and insurance fraud investigations.  We have experience in investi-gating and prosecuting individuals involved in intentional crashes

and the more complicated “Crash Rings”.  Monty attended Northwestern University Accident Investigations, Evanston, Ill, and has investigated many major crash fatalities.

We also have associates who are Accident Reconstruction experts

who can supply an extensive reconstruction report of any accident.


Asset Search » Worldwide Investigations can provide a detailed report on assets of businesses and individuals, using all legal and public records.

Background Investigations »

Our background investigationsPrivate Investigator include searches of criminal records,  business, education information, bankruptcies, liens, assets, locate previous addresses, relatives, phones, both land line and cell phones, political affiliations and social media searches.

If you are hiring, marring, suing or just wanting to know as much as you can about someone, we can deliver a detailed report.

 All of our investigations come with a detail report of investigation upon completion. We provide an accurate document of facts, copies of documents, video, photo, audio, written evidence, or any evidence which you can present with confidence to the prosecutor, manager or CEO.


Competitive Intelligence » Competitive Intelligence is an ethical and legal practice.

Industrial Espionage is illegal, but Worldwide Investigations will provide the same detailed investigative type of report on a business that is provided on individuals and will be performed to a fully legal completion.

Corporate & Security Investigations » If you have simple thefts being committed or thefts of intellectual property such as trade secrets, bribery, customer information, pricing or covert marketing research that is injuring your business, Worldwide Investigations can find the source of the loss and protect your assets. 

Fraud Investigations» Worker’s Compensation claims and other injury type frauds are the most common types of frauds Worldwide Investigations investigate. Monty has extensive experience in investigating insurance and medical fraud.  If video or undercover investigation is needed, he can provide legal, proficient video and reports to verify or deny a claim.


Insurance SIU Investigations » We can provide high quality investigations for insurance companies and their attorneys. We are very conscious of “Bad Faith” issues and can gather evidence from witnesses, police/fire personnel, review police/fire reports, conduct neighborhood canvases that help companies make the correct and legal decision in their claims.

 Locate Investigations & Process Servers/Service » Worldwide Investigations can  locate subjects of civil or criminal actions for legal service of subpoenas or for current addresses for certified/registered mail to be sent.


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