Profits off of car wrecks


By Monty Vickers
There are a variety of insur-ance fraud cases and they all end up costing you money. They don’t cost the insurance company, they cost you! The Runners for Chiropractors is a criminal enter-prise. We are seeing Chiroprac-tors moving into Arkansas from other states who have initiated laws making solicitation illegal. Other states have laws making direct solicitation by medical providers or its represent-ative illegal. Believe it or not, lawyers in Arkansas police themselves by making direct solicitation in person or by phone a violation of their rules.

I have seen Runners for chiropractors get into fights at the Little Rock Police Department over accident reports. I do not believe anyone should profit from police reports. Many of the Runners for these Chiropractors have criminal records and are criminals themselves as the Runner on the video says. This Runner, who I know, may make $200 for each patient he entices or tricks in to a Chiropractor, but most I know get $300 for each

patient who shows up for five treatments. Some in Little Rock get 40-50 a week in. You multiply that times $300 and it ends up being real money. One runner has stated he filed on over three quarters of a million dollars in income tax. And you figure each Chiropractor averages 3-5 thousand, you can understand why this is such a lucrative criminal enterprise. One Runner in Conway testified in court on a hot check case that she made $125,000 a year running for one Chiropractor in Conway.

If you get a copy of your own report, or your insurance company gets a copy, they have to pay. If my company gets a copy of a report, we have to pay up to $10 and I have to file a FOI  request. I am a licensed professional with no criminal record. Something’s wrong here folks. The Runners for Chiropractor’s and Lawyers don’t pay a dime or file anything. The police departments including the State Police simply let them have access to the reports to get phone numbers, address, dates of birth, of men women and children. Why are we being so helpful to these people, many of whom are committing criminal impersonation when they represent themselves to be from the insurance company? They tell them the insurance company will not pay unless they go to the doctor. Why shouldn’t they at least pay for the reports! You have to pay to get your own? I developed information on some law enforcement personnel supplying the Runners with information before the reports were even turned in. It was kept quiet, but I understand the State Police simply let one of their civilian employees resign because of that instead of prosecution.

I think about the information they get off the police reports on minor children. These Runners, some with criminal records, have access to this information and the police department has no record of who got that information.

Some Chiropractor’s I know have told me they are in fear of this group of Chiropractors involved in this practice. Members on the AR Chiropractic Board have told me they were in fear for their safety because of this group of individuals.

Other states surrounding Arkansas

have statutes prohibiting this practice, but the Arkansas Attorney General sent a deputy AG to testify that the Attorney General’s position was law restricting direct solicitation was unconstitutional because it violated the Freedom Of Information Act. I spoke to this deputy and she told me she had no idea if it was unconstitutional or not, she was just told to oppose it on the grounds it was unconstitutional. When I spoke to some of the law makers, they told me that the AG represents Arkansas and they were compelled to take the AG’s advice that the bill was unconstitutional. It is clearly NOT! Other states cases have been appealed and survived those appeal and I intend to testify at the next legislative session. Not because I have any vested interest as I did while investigating insurance fraud for the state, but because the practice is criminal in my opinion and it’s the right thing to do. I suffered a lot of political whiplash because of this, but I have to believe this is a good, honorable fight and has been worth it.